Patterns of Daily Devotions: Connecting When Time is Short

Spending Time with God During Busy Seasons

Daily Devotions Connect you with God even during busy seasons of life

After raising children, I know that it can be challenging to find quiet, uninterrupted time to spend with the Lord. Being flexible is important during these seasons of life because of the little ones who depend on us. But we are at our best as parents and spouses when we take deliberate steps to connect with the Lord, even in the busy seasons of life.

This pattern also provides an approach to abbreviated devotions with the Lord when time is short due to short-term circumstances in life. So whether family or works demands constrain your life, know that connecting with the Lord briefly benefits you more than not connecting at all.

Time is Short: A Psalm and Some Proverbs

Even with the best intentions of spending quality time with the Lord, you will find yourself crunched for time some days. When this occurs, you can break from your normal pattern with this shorter approach.

  • Read a Psalm and echo back to God the praise of the psalmist. Praise is always a good way to begin your devotions and your day.
  • Read the Proverb of the day – since there are 31 Proverbs, read the one for the current day. For example, if it is the 10th of the month, read Proverbs 10. If you don’t have time for the whole proverb, don’t rush through. You can read until one verse stands out to you. Take that as God’s reminder for you today.
  • Wrap up with a short prayer thanking God for his goodness committing yourself to walking in the light and being a witness.

Time is Shorter: A Psalm or a Proverb

To reduce the time further, pick between a Psalm or a Proverb from which you can read. If I am working through some emotional struggles, I lean toward the Psalms for help and hope. If it is wisdom that I need, move toward the book of Proverbs.

  • Read a Psalm and give God praise for one thing and thank God for one thing. Start your day with an attitude of gratitude. Commit your day to the Lord and ask Him to help you stay connected and “in step” with the Holy Spirit.

  • Read the Proverb of the day – read through the entire chapter for the day if you have time. Otherwise, read until one verse captures your attention. Verbalize the truth and wisdom in that verse. Thank God for his goodness and his presence and commit yourself to walking in wisdom and being a witness today.

Time is Shortest: Honor the Lord with a Moment of Prayer

Some days are just a big rush to get out of the door. You don’t have time to sit and open a Bible. That’s okay. Just take a moment of time to direct your thoughts to God. On days like this, I find it helpful to actually take a moment to kneel before the Lord. Why? Because it is a moment of surrender to him and it stops me from rushing around. You can always take 30 seconds to stop and connect with the Lord.

Take a few seconds to:

  • Kneel before the Lord
  • Acknowledge His greatness in the midst of your busyness
  • Tell Him of your burdens and confess any worry or doubt
  • Ask Him to help you with your responsibilities of the day
  • Commit yourself to walking with Him and being a light in darkness

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